TOBANYOKU is a heated, environmentally controlled relaxation room.
Our heated floor is constructed with special antioxidant tile
and is kept at a luxurious and consistent 115 degrees,
the room temperature is kept at 110 degrees, and 20% of humidity.
By reclining on the heated floor, and warming the body from deep inside,
cells will be revitalized, toxins expunged, and the mind and body’s balance can be well maintained.
The study shows that the stress level decrease by 30 minutes of use.
But may increase by 40+minutes of use,
because of sweating makes the sympathetic nerve system active,
which is not purpose of TOBANYOKU.
The purpose of TOBANYOKU is to relax and not to sweat.
This room utilizes the essential mineral-rich enzyme culture fluid,
called “Rebirth Solution”, and it is proven by specialized agencies in Japan
that this “Rebirth Solution” has antioxidant power (=Active Oxygen Removal)
that reduce harmful chemical/toxic substances in the air.
With lower the temperature than dry sauna,
it is very gentle environment for babies and elderly people.
Warm Relaxation Room
Warm Relaxation Room
HOURS:  10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last Entry; 17:00)  APPOINTMENT ONLY
COST:  $20/person (1hr.)    CASH ONLY
NEED:  Clean comfortable clothes